Your website will have multiple functionalities in addition to what have been explained in features page. We are listing it down here so that you don’t get bothered reading long list of benefits on ‘Features’ page.


Google XML Sitemaps

We will create special XML sitemaps to improve SEO. That will help search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo and to better index your site.


Your site will have a built-in anti-spam technology which will check every contact form submission against a global database of spam to prevent your site from malicious content.

Firewall & Security Scanner

An endpoint firewall and malware scanner will protect your site. It keeps site safe from malicious IP addresses, malware signatures using newest firewall rules.

Fast Cache

This functionality creates static html files from dynamic site. When a page is rendered, php and mysql are used. Therefore, system needs RAM and CPU.

If many visitors come to a site, system uses lots of RAM and CPU so page is rendered so slowly. In this case, you need a cache system not to render page again and again.

Cache system generates a static html file and saves. Other users reach to static html page.

Google Maps

A customized google map will be added to your site. You can show multiple markers if you have more than one working locations.

Automatic Image Compression and Optimisation for SEO

Your website will have award-winning, tested, and proven back-to-back functionality that will resize, optimize, and compress all of your images for SEO and smooth user experience purposes.

Advanced Products Search System

Your site will have powerful live search functionality where user will just start typing and will see immediate products results. That system search inside title, and content.

Search result shows product image, price and it’s category. Also, that searches will have google analytics built-in. So you check what your users searched on google analytics.


Your website will have built-in facebook page inside your website. This will help you as a facebook page owner to get more likes.

Products Filter

Your site will have a product search and filter capability where your users will be able to filter products by categories, attributes, products tags, products custom taxonomies and price. That searching will be Ajax based so users won’t need to refresh the page.

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