How making a website will benefit me?

Website is your digital property. It boosts your business credibility. Imagine how your domain name on your business card impresses your customers and win their trust.

What includes in your package?

Our package includes a 5 pages website including domain and hosting. You don’t have to buy domain from some registrar and hosting from another, hire some webdesigner to make your website and pay him more to connect your newly built website with new domain and hosting.

We take your website’s monthly backup to protect your site from getting hacked and attacks.

We are taking care of all of the process.

What is not included in your package?

Our packages don’t include logo design, infographics, customized graphics, explainer video, or content writing.

Will I need to pay forever?

No, you don’t need to. Our pricing model protects you from overcharging. You just need to pay for 12 months, and then Rs. 500 for every consecutive month.*

* This pricing may change if company updates it’s policies. You won’t get affected if you bought our package before the date of changing policy.

OK, I'm convinced. So, what's your process?

You need to pay us for starting 3 months. Out of which, 2 months funds will be locked as security deposit. We will refund you that money if you cancel our membership after 3 months.

After payment, you need to go on our themes page and select any one of the related themes.

You will provide us your text and other content.

Your site may take 3-15 days after receiving of content.

Is there any money back gurantee or trial period?

Yes, we secure you on that point as well. You can cancel your membership anytime and will get your money back for the month you are cancelling into.

In any case, you just need to pay for your hosting and domain charges.

Which day my billing will start?

Your billing will start on 1st day of every month. You will have 5 days to make your payment as buffer days.

If you don’t pay till 5 of the month. Your site may get turned down.

What if I got started on 23rd of the month?

In that case, we will deduct your 7 days payment and secure your 23 days of payment in security fund.

Your next month will start on next 1st day of the month.

Can I cancel before completion of my site?

You will get full refund if you cancel membership before assigning of domain and hosting to your account.

If your domain is purchased and hosting is connected to your account, you can’t get out of membership before 3 months.

Will you design us a logo?

No, we don’t design logos. You have to provide us logo or we will put text of your business name in header.

What if I don't like any of your theme?

We apparently don’t customize any of the theme or any section of the theme.

To explain, if you ask us to design a website something like uber.com or udemy.com or like any other site. We don’t do that.

We only work on the themes inside our Themes section.

Will you provide us business explainer video?

We actually not providing any customized work at the moment.

This service is only webdesign service.

How can I pay you?

You can pay us via online bank transfer at the moment.

How can I communicate with you guys?

We still believe email is the best system to communicate. You can track what someone said or written on it.

What if I want to own my website?

Our minimum contract for website is 12 months. You only need to pay 1 month more to own your website.

For this, your need to have your own hosting and you will need to upload your site there.

What this contract doesn't include?

This contract includes a static 5 pages website. This contract doesn’t include any logo design, custom webdesign, ecommerce website, dynamic application, advertising, social media marketing, content writing, or business explainer video

What if I want more page than we are agreed on package?

If you want more than what package says. You need to order more package. For example for a 6 pages website, you need to order two packages.

What if I want a customized Web Theme?

Our Themes page offers variety of themes you can select from. You don’t need to select ‘Restaurant’ theme if you want to have a restaurant website. You can select ‘Author’ or ‘Agency’ theme instead of ‘Restaurant’.

We can swap Dentist image from a ‘Dental’ theme and place food and restaurant related images there.

A theme only means it’s color combination, typography, white space and it’s overall look and feel.

What if I want some other professional paid web theme other than what are you offering?

This contract supports themes we have in our library right now. 

What if my payment get late after start of project?

Your project gets started after three months payment. Two payments out of which are secured in security fund.

Do you have anymore question?
we are happy to answer!


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