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So, these are most selling fiverr gigs till Starting November 2018

Starting the third week of October,  I sit to have a big picture of fiverr. As a result, this research came out that is showing how fiverr is affecting the freelancing community.

This result shows high selling gigs of fiverr from different niche and multiple countries.

This research also challenges some biased beliefs that successful freelancers on fiverr are from some particular countries or selected industries.

I’ve taken into consideration different categories and their sub-categories.

How can you use this research

You can challenge your own belief system that says to you ‘You are not successful on fiverr because you’re from X country’, or something like ‘You’re not successful on fiverr because you are not operating in that particular niche.

You can closely analyze price structure, methodologies, description, and strategies from top-selling freelancers and apply those to your own gigs.

Every selected gig in this research has at least 1k+ reviews. Minimum earning column is a result of multiplying those reviews with a basic package of the gig in consideration.

Please note that not every client gives feedback on fiverr. So the number of reviews are not equal to the number of orders.

Why did you calculate minimum earning?

I’ve calculated that just to prove that you can earn a lot even in the worst case scenario. The only thing you need to learn is business ethics and it’s basic rules. Managing the team is a big part of that game.

Do you plan to update this study in the future?

I’m not sure, maybe. This study takes into account, earning till 27th October 2018.

On top of that, not every category has been covered. Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Business, and Fun & Lifestyle are categories that have been not taken into consideration.

Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Programming & Tech have been covered here. All of their sub-categories have been added to this research as well.

Actually, this research was the part of an internal usage for Opix.pk that deals in above-given categories.