In the meanwhile, you have to accept. That none of your work, writings, artwork, or startup will become smart enough at it’s highest possible end-product until you start to accept, what? Until you change your mindset, about what?

That, every good end-product requires iteration. The motivation one-page sales funnel you see on click bank. The great piece of artwork you see on dribbble. The amazing sales skills you see in so-called online gurus are not the first attempt of its creators.

Trust me or reject me. The secret behind every successful person, product, startup, book, online course, sales material lies in one thing, Iteration.

It’s better to make this mindset as early as possible in the start of your every journey toward a successful career or life. You’ve to practice, and it’s not that easy.

Go to google and ask tons of questions regarding religion, sex, career, motivation, marriage, money management, and even how to use a needle. You will have millions of results in seconds.

You won’t be anywhere by just reading those articles that are mindlessly copied from other articles and those as well were unethically copied from somewhere else. Even this writing is some amalgamated form of some other content. Feel free to copy and modify this and make the internet a sort of chain-reaction product of mindlessly copied stuff.

Whatever you do in life or where ever you are.

You have to know the secret code. That secret code is, iteration, period.

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About the Author

About the Author

Sheikh Naveed

Over the last 10+ years, Sheikh has designed a wide range of projects in graphic, print, and web and completed more than 3000+ Jobs / 19000+ hours of work.

He designs for organizations around the world.